This is Ryn.


Taryn is an Autobot.

Most people call her Ryn.


Taryn was chosen to be a sigma at a young age. At the age of 16, she was appointed head of all the Autobots, by the last Sigma, who was dying at the time. With her sisters as her main generals, she soon had to send the All-Spark off Cybertron, with her youngest sister, Wings, accompanying it.

But soon, she and her sisters, Wild and Spunk were loading their troops onto ships to follow Wings, as Cybertron had become unliveable, because of Megatron. Leaving behind some of her troops to rescue neutrals, she headed off in search of the allspark- and her sister.

Soon, she lands on earth, where she finds that her sister has protected the allspark, almost completely on her own. She had, however, been waiting for them, and had made an alliance with the squishy things'- The humans.


Taryn is serious, but she CAN take a joke. She kinda has to be able to, living with her two joker sisters, Wild and Spunk!


Taryn is a born leader. She is a tactician, and a stealth-bot, having trained with the best.