1. What factor is your character? Wyldburst is an Autobot.

2. Write a short biography about your character. Wyldburst was built in Iacon. When she was old enought she went to Autobot Academy. At Autobot academy she made friends with Taryn Sigma. Ryn- as most people called her was called into the war and the two lost contact. Soon after, Cybertron was abandoned, and Taryn followed her younger sister Wings to Earth. Wyld landed on earth soon after the call had been made, as she had been hanging around mars.

3.What is your character's personality? Wyldburst is friendly but is sometimes mean and sarcastic when her logicality glitch starts.

4.What are your character's abilities? Hacking is her speciality. She also fights at level 8 and hacks at 9.5. Field Medic is 7 and Tactics is 5.

5. Put a picture of your character (or your characters holo-form, if you cant find a bot you like), and their alt- form.


Wyld's Holoform

Aston Martin

This is Wlydburst's Alt-form